Two years in prison for participating in a carjacking


In 2014, armed robbery statistics broke records in Saint-Martin (140). At the end of October that year, a couple of tourists had their rental car robbed during a car jacking in Mont Vernon, in the parking lot of a supermarket. Among the four perpetrators, at least one of whom was armed, only three were identified. Two of them were sentenced last May to two years in prison in addition to having to compensate the victims.

This Thursday, October 24, the criminal court of Saint-Martin had summoned the driver of the three robbers. FC, 26 a national of Sint Maarten, was neither present at the hearing nor represented by a lawyer.

In their statements to the gendarmes, the robbers affirm that FC did not participate directly in the robbery. On the other hand, in addition to having conveyed the others, he would be the instigator. The objective was to recover parts from the stolen vehicle to repair another, damaged one. This damaged vehicle was found in front of FC's home during a search, with the papers of the stolen vehicle inside.

After deliberation, the court sentenced FC to two years in prison and issued an arrest warrant against him.


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