Two years in prison for shooting his neighbor


JLM, was presented Wednesday May 31 in immediate appearance before the correctional court of Saint-Martin for violence with weapon as well as for carrying and transporting a category B weapon without being authorized. On May 16, around 20 p.m. AW goes for the second time in a mini-market located at the corner of the media library. Once out, he walks towards his house, and hears someone shouting "Hey yo". As he turns around, he receives a bullet which crosses his right flank. The gunman is his neighbor, JLM Relations between the two men have been strained for several months. After deliberation, the court sentenced J.LM to four years in prison, two of which were suspended and put on probation for two years, as well as several obligations and prohibitions. He took the plane Wednesday afternoon to be incarcerated in Baie Mahault. More details on


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