Distribution of books at the Amuseum Naturalis


This Saturday, October 1, the Amuseum Naturalis opened its doors for a free distribution of the new work published by the association Les Fruits de Mer, “The mystery of sargasses”. The public also took the opportunity to visit the museum which gives pride of place to the fauna and flora of Saint-Martin.

Young and old followed one another on the morning of last Saturday to acquire a copy of the book "The mystery of sargassum - How an algae changed Saint-Martin" written by Mark Yokoyama, who also signs the photographs that illustrate the book, and edited by Jenn Yerkes with the financial support of the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB). The children whose colored pencils were impatient also left with the latest coloring book made available by Les Fruits de Mer. coloring and nature journal on the insects of Saint-Martin” was scheduled for the weekend of the passage of the storm Fiona and therefore had to be canceled for security reasons. But it was indeed the sargassum that was the center of attention this Saturday at the free museum of nature and heritage of Saint-Martin. The curious were thus able to exchange with Mark Yokoyama, author of the book, on this particular seaweed which does not have a bad reputation. For the occasion, new information panels have been installed in the outer courtyard of the museum, where the history and origins of Sargassum are told. It's relevant, educational, with a simple and fluent vocabulary. The written work is in this same line, all in poetry. Excerpt: “Sargassum is many things. It's a seaweed. It is a shelter for a floating world of sea creatures. On the beach, she shelters another group of animals. When it is in the wrong place, it surges like a disruptive and destructive tide and kills in its path, at sea and on land. Sargassum could be a boon. It is solar energy, pushed to us by the winds and the tides. We are looking for ways to harvest it and use it. She can have a kind of beauty. The benches float on the sea like lost islands. She paints the beach in gold, orange, and red, these colors blending together. It inspires poets and artists. Copies of the book “The Sargassum Mystery” will soon be distributed to schools in Saint-Martin so that teachers and students can learn more about this mysterious seaweed. The book is available in French and English, downloadable from the Fruits de Mer association website. By the end of 2022, three new books will be published by the association, which aims to promote and celebrate knowledge of fauna and flora, ecology and natural heritage through publications for all audiences, locally and internationally. Cheer. _VX

Info: http://www.lesfruitsdemer.com/resources/books/



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