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Community president Aline Hanson went to the Sandy Ground MJC last Wednesday for the awards of the mental math championship and the math rally. 2180 students participated in the tests.

Concerning the mathematics rally, the mathematics project manager for the northern islands district Jean-Luc Elice explains that the pupils of CM1- CM2 took part in the team competition of 3. Among the 180 pupils (7 elementary schools) , 24 teams made it to the final. It is the pedagogical adviser in charge of mathematical mission of the Guadeloupe academy Gisèle Marchand-Dufresne who presented the prizes. For mental calculation, around 2000 students (11 schools) worked on the tests. The riding of the Northern Islands would like to thank Ms. Marchand-Dufresne, the Lions Club, the CTOS, the MJC of Sandy Ground and the Community.

Here are some results:
• Best score charts: LAKE Rodriana (Nina), CLAVOT Louane (Nina), LAMBERT Mathis (QO2)
• Best progression awards: PIVET Enji (Nina), GUIHAR Martin (Nina), MAYNARD Sylvain (QO2)

• Best score charts: RAYNALDI Taho (CDS), CHAUVIN Lou (Gustavia), PETERSON Sanelya (Nina)
• Best progression awards: LAKE Jélainy (CDS), GUILLEMETTE Jorcas (Nina), GOMEZ Tony (Gustavia)

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