Sea drama in Anguillian waters (one dead and one seriously injured): the investigation continues 


As we told you in our edition yesterday, the “Day Dreamer”, a charter boat flying the Sint Maarten flag with two people on board, crashed at high speed on a reef located in Anguillian waters. The toll is heavy: one dead and one seriously injured.

According to our information, the two yachtsmen of Czech nationality left the Porto Cupecoy marina on Tuesday morning to go to Saint-Barth and then to Anguilla. An outing at sea which unfortunately turned tragic at the start of the evening when their boat hit head-on a reef located in Anguillian waters, a reef well known to local sailors.

Should we conclude that the seriousness of the accident was due to excessive speed, added to a moment of inattention? Only the investigation carried out by the Anguillian authorities will be able to determine the exact causes of this tragic accident.

We have also learned that the vital prognosis of the seriously injured person is no longer engaged (note: she suffers from a head trauma and multiple fractures). MP is 45 years old and has resided in Sint Maarten for over 20 years. He is still hospitalized in Anguilla where his partner was able to visit him. _AF

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