Sickle cell anemia: the importance of screening


“The fight against sickle cell disease has been one of WHO's priorities for the Africa region since 2009 and ranks fourth among the global public health priorities, after cancer, AIDS and malaria”, indicated the Regional Health Agency (ARS) Guadeloupe / North Islands, which encourages screening. The world day against this genetic disease will take place on Sunday. Sickle cell anemia - which affects the hemoglobin of red blood cells - manifests itself in particular with painful attacks and anemia. For two years, the SXM Drépano association - whose president is Dr Ricardo Casanova - has been supporting patients at the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital. Several actions have already been implemented in the region to raise public awareness of this disease: in 2015, the Lions Club Oualichi chose this theme for the 3rd edition of the health village, and the association Maternité Active organized a hike. _EH

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