LAW: Full house for the second session of Expert'ease at the CCISM


On June 8, the CCISM hosted the second session of the Expert'ease module led by Sandrine Jaboulet-Delahaye with a delicate theme: the collection of social charges.

As part of the end of government crisis measures and the terms of regularization of social security contributions, this second session was sold out. To address this thorny subject on which the CCISM and the CGSS have been working together for three years in order to establish communication between contributors and the organization, a panel of experts was made up of Catherine Legeron, Jean-Claude Saint Auret and Cédric Loupadière, representing the CGSS, and Maître Frédéric Decap, lawyer acting for companies in difficulty. Several themes were developed during the evening, such as the declaration of income or wages (employers, employees, self-employed workers), highlighting the different digital platforms applicable for each scheme and the importance of having an account there, given the filing of communications from the CGSS on the latter. Suspended by the government during the Irma and Covid periods (now over), the common law prescription for the recovery of contributions is three years, with exceptions: contestable formal notice within two months by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. (5 years), constraint issued by bailiff or contestable court decision within 15 days by LR/AR (10 years), partial payment by the contributor (again 3 years). Contributors who have not managed their previous debts are invited to contact the CCISM to go into more detail on the subject and facilitate dialogue with the CGSS in order to find a solution in order to avoid aggravating the situation. _VX


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