Immigration and customs staff quarantined


The Justice Department confirmed on Wednesday that an immigration officer and a customs officer tested positive for coronavirus.

Justice Minister Anna Richardson said she was informed by the Immigration and Border Protection Service (IBPS) on Friday August 7 that an immigration officer tested positive at  coronavirus.

“According to her, immigration officials contacted the Collective Prevention Services (CPS) of the Ministry of Health and provided them with a list of people who could have been in contact with the agent. Based on the CPS contact tracing, four other immigration officials have been quarantined.

The immigration office was disinfected over the weekend and the Justice Department decided to close the office until further notice. “This is a precautionary measure that is in the interest of protecting staff and the public. There will be no impact on residency applications, ”said Richardson.

Last weekend Mr Richardson was also made aware of a similar COVID case within the customs department and the same protocol was applied by the CPS and management. An unknown number of customs staff have been placed in quarantine after the CPS conducted the contact tracing. Regular customs operations will continue. However, the number of customs officers available is lower than normal. “Our borders will remain protected,” the customs department said Wednesday evening.


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