Chess: Sporting and combative atmosphere at the hotel "Hommage" at Nettle Bay


The players may have their feet in the sand, on the chessboards the atmosphere was much less relaxed. The fighting raged and the reversals were numerous.

Apart from Avalon Washington and Yashwant Vaswani who usually monopolize the first two places, the other players played fierce battles but always in a good spirit. In this game, it was the newcomer, Eric DIDIER, who proved to be the best by taking a meritorious 3rd place. At the end of the tournament, the players gathered for the traditional presentation of the prizes offered by the Hommage hotel, Dauphin Telecom, Saint-Martin Cars, Super U, Serigraphix, HomSaga, King Jouet, Mc Donalds, Chez Fernand, Amber Hair Salon , Timeless Spirits, The Tobacco Shop.


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