Chess: Another victory for Milo Scheeren!


Already a winner at Cupecoy, Milo Scheeren did it again last Sunday at the Hommage hotel. But this time it was more complicated for the Dutchman from Pelican Key.

At the end of the 7 regular games, he was in the lead tied with Yashwant Vaswani because the two players were neutralized during the 3rd round. 

They had won their other 6 games and therefore had to play an additional game to decide.

The large audience held this game in suspense, which Milo finally won with the whites. Polish Dawid Baszak once again managed to climb to 3rd place on the podium.

The players would like to thank the generous donors of prizes: Lacoste, Dauphin Telecom, Super U, King Toys, Kaloa Distribution, La Boutique du Tabac and McDonald's.

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Classification :

1. Milo Scheeren (Pelican) Lacoste Prize

2. Yaswant Vaswani (Cupecoy) Dauphin Telecom Award

3. Dawid Baszak (Pelican) Super U Award

4. Kevin Jermin

5. Matthew Bernard

6. Eric Didier

7. Jessy Denise

8. Maurice Monnier

9. Phillip Fleming

10. Jerome Grenadin

11. Serge Laujin

12. Charles Ryder

13. Arthur Lerouge

14. Levy Truilhier (1st youngster)

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