Siméone Trott School: A beautiful end-of-year party punctuated by emotions…


The famous end-of-year kindergarten graduation ceremony took place on June 25, in the Sandy-Ground cinema hall. The atmosphere was filled with pride, love and emotion….

124 children of large section offered a grand spectacle for 2 hours.

124 children aged 5 to 6 gave the parents a moral lesson. Through songs or dances, they conveyed messages of peace, love and solidarity. They showed exemplary discipline and respect unlike some parents present in the room!

Nothing of this unique moment would have been possible without the work of the teachers. For a year or more, they introduced our children to being future students. For giving them the desire to learn, for your presence and your love… .. Thank you Jacqueline, Élodie, Kassandre, Xavier and Clara. They treated the ailments, put order in the canteen, they took care of the hygiene of our little ones, a big thank you to the whole ATSEM team. Of course, the Siméone Trott school would not be a rainbow, a passage for the big school without Madam Director Aline Choisy… Madame Choisy says out loud what everyone is thinking in a whisper. Madame Choisy Aline is an exceptional woman, she knows the first names and the lives of her 336 children.

Madame Choisy Aline has a limitless heart and tenderness. Madame Choisy Aline deserves much more than the Academic Palms for her commitment and her life devoted to national education.

Madam Director of Siméone Trott School, thank you for all your kindness.

A mother ! _LV


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