LOCAL ECONOMY: The Community takes over the management of the Port-la-Royale Marina


The President of the COM, Louis Mussington and the President and CEO of Semsamar, Alain Richardson, have jointly decided to put an end to the dispute which has persisted since 2018 between the Collectivité of Saint-Martin and its mixed economy company, concerning the management of the Marina Port la Royale in Marigot.

The signing of this agreement allows the community to put an end to the public service delegation entrusted to Semsamar in 2007 and to regain full management of its property, in agreement with its partners. The transactional agreement was signed last Wednesday, April 10 in front of the local press, by the three signatories of the memorandum of understanding, President Louis Mussington on behalf of the Community, CEO Alain Richardson on behalf of Semsamar and his subsidiary Samagest, as well as the chairman of the board of directors of the port of Galisbay, Daniel Arnel. It puts an end to six years of litigation on the question of the maintenance and operation of the Marina, which occurred during the reconstruction after Hurricane Irma, in 2018. The president of the Community and the CEO of Semsamar, wished put a definitive end to this penalizing blockage situation, in order to start again on a healthy basis and open reflection on the recovery of this marina. Partnership work has been carried out in recent months to reach this agreement.

As CEO Alain Richardson indicated, it is a question of moving on to revitalize this site. As part of the agreement signed today, Semsamar will pay compensation to the Community for balance of any account. The parties therefore agreed on an amicable and early termination of the public service delegation agreement (DSP). The Community agrees to take over the operation of the Marina Port La Royale, which is entrusted within the framework of this agreement to its port establishment, as is already the case for the management of the Fort Louis marina also managed by the port establishment.

As a reminder, the Community owns the Marina Royale marina, the access channel and the Auberge de Mer building. An exhaustive diagnosis drawn up by Semsamar allows the community to work on the reconversion of the Marina Port la Royale, with the aim of ultimately defining the future management method of the site and, if necessary, launching a consultation with a view to the reattribution of a new public service delegation (DSP).

The three signatories welcomed this transactional agreement, which allows the Community to sweep away the past and move forward for the benefit of the marina operators and the general interest of Saint-Martin and its inhabitants.

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