ECONOMY: More than 1 jobs in construction


With the start of post-Irma reconstruction sites in early 2018, the number of jobs declared in the building and public works sector increased in Saint-Martin. According to Iedom, it employed 1 people at the end of December last year. This is 031 times more than in 2,4.

It represents 13,4% of total employment in the French part; in the years 2012-2016, it represented on average 6,5%.

With a thousand jobs, the construction industry returned to a level equivalent to that of the years 1999. For the record, the sector had 1 that year. Construction weighed a little less, however, in the balance: it represented 007 , 9,5% of the working population. This was explained at the time by the fact that almost 87% of companies in this sector were declared without employees.

In 2008, the building and public works sector represented around 10% of the employees listed by Assedic but employed only 700 people. The number of employees continued to decrease in the following years: 600 in 2009, 393 in 2010, 425 in 2012, 485 in 2015. In 2016, Iedom reported 422 jobs in this sector.


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