SOCIAL AND SOLIDARITY ECONOMY Launch of the ESS process in Saint-Martin


This Wednesday, September 20, 2023, Alain Richardson, 1st vice-president of the Community, signed a partnership agreement with Ben Amar Zeghadi, national delegate of ESS-France-Outremer, to deploy the ecosystem in our territory.

The concept of social and solidarity economy (ESS) designates a set of companies organized in the form of cooperatives, mutuals, associations or foundations, whose internal functioning and activities are based on a principle of solidarity and social utility. In France, the ESS represents more than 200.000 employer establishments and more than 3 million employees. In Guadeloupe where the weight of the ESS is slightly higher, 9,7% of employees fall under the ESS, or 12.125 people spread across 1.230 establishments. In Saint-Martin, only around a hundred associations (out of the 1.774 active), a few banks, insurance companies and mutual societies are part of this solidarity approach. Based on this observation, the Territorial Council adopted on June 22 the principle of a project for the development, promotion and animation of the ESS ecosystem in the territory for a maximum budget of €649.971 spread over three years. During the press conference which was held in the presence of local elected officials, Bernadette Davis, Michel Petit, Raphaël Sanchez, Ida Zin Ka Ieu, president of the Economic, Social and Culture Council (CESC) and socio-professionals, Alain Richardson presented the ESS ecosystem, specifying: “Through this project, we are going well beyond a simple vision of the island economy. We have a global vision of Saint-Martin society, taking into account all its components, preserving humanity, proximity, even before the notion of profit. This is thanks to the principle of reinvestment of profits and partnership governance.” The agreement signed until May 2026 between the COM and ESS-France-Outremer revolves around four areas of action: the creation of a Territorial Chamber of Social and Solidarity Economy (CTESS) in Saint-Martin (in November next), the establishment of a technical and financial support system for ESS companies in Saint-Martin (CAP-ESSor), support for the structuring and recognition of a Territorial Cooperation Pole Economic (PTCE) and assistance for the development of the ESS to make Saint-Martin an essential platform serving economic and social progress and the success of all Saint-Martin residents by bringing together all the vital forces of the territory. _VX


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