EDUCATION: Creation of a Business Office at the vocational high school


During the Entrepreneur's Breakfast on October 7, several teachers from the commerce section of the Daniella Jeffry vocational high school announced the recent creation of a Business Office in order to consolidate the links between entrepreneurs, interns and the establishment. school.

Created this year, the Business Office aims to strengthen the links between students of the Daniella Jeffry vocational high school and the companies welcoming them as interns for professional training periods (PFMP).

For Jessica Hamlet, business professor in the economics and management section, the idea is to set up professional events in order to exchange with companies and learn from them: “With the objective of satisfying everyone, companies and students , we come to you to identify needs and expectations and better target exchanges.” Trainees in a professional training period have an exam at the end of the internship, the points of which are not necessarily known to the companies. The Business Office will also make it possible to review the remuneration of the allowance paid during this period and for entrepreneurs to better familiarize themselves with the National Education program and possible reforms in order to give trainee students every chance of success. _VX

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