Education (Primary schools): The return of fundamentals on the school benches!


The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer yesterday unveiled new pedagogical recommendations for primary school teachers in order to facilitate the learning by all primary school pupils of basic knowledge: reading, calculation, grammar , vocabulary and problem solving.

From the start of the 2017 school year, this voluntarism was reflected in the splitting of CP classes into a reinforced priority education network in order to attack the academic difficulty at the root. This policy continues for the 2018 and 2019 school year in favor of all CP and CE1 classes in REP and REP +.

This policy is the advanced point of an educational ambition that will benefit all students. To help teachers respond to the difficulties encountered by students, the Ministry of National Education provides them with five reference documents:

- "A state of research to teach reading and writing at CP" showing that the systematic teaching of grapheme-phoneme correspondences is the most effective method for students to acquire fluent reading at CP, a sine qua not of the good comprehension of a text.

- Four pedagogical recommendations offer common references:

- Reading: building the path of an autonomous reader

- Teaching grammar and vocabulary: a major challenge for mastering the French language

- Teaching of arithmetic: a major challenge for mastering the main elements of mathematics in primary school

- Problem solving in elementary school

These five texts aim to consolidate rigorous, explicit and progressive teaching in French and mathematics during compulsory schooling. This is the condition for the progress of students, especially the most fragile.

What will happen to Saint-Martin at the start of the new school year?


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