EDUCATION: School bullying, let’s talk about it!


The Senate report as part of the fact-finding mission on school bullying and cyber-harassment is alarming: 6 to 10% of students experience some form of harassment during their schooling. Next Wednesday October 4 will mark the 6th edition of the law day which will take place in all colleges in France, including in Saint-Martin, followed by a conference-debate at the court.

Every year, 800.000 to 1 million children are victims of bullying. Regarding cyber-harassment, the number of victims of humiliating videos, photos and rumors increased from 4,1% in 2015 to 9% in 2018 (9,9% of girls and 8,1% of boys), according to figures from the General Directorate of School Education (DGESCO). 25% of middle school students say they have experienced at least one attack via new technologies, and 14% of high school students say they have been the subject of an attack on the internet. To actively fight against this scourge which has led to several suicides of young victims of harassment in this year 2023, new actions are being put in place to raise awareness among the population, whether students, parents but also the teaching staff. Law Day this Wednesday, October 4 will take place at Soualiga College, with the theme “harassment and discrimination”. Initiated by the Ministry of National Education and Youth in conjunction with the National Council of Lawyers' Bars, this day aims to raise awareness in two fourth grade classes. Middle school students will be informed about the different forms of bullying at school, about discrimination and the traumatic consequences for the victim and the legal consequences for the aggressor. The France Victime 978 association will be present during the event, as well as at the conference-debate organized by the Conseil d'Accès au Droit. Law Night to see the law in a new light “School harassment, let’s talk about it!” » will take place on October 4 from 16 p.m. to 18 p.m. at the Saint-Martin local court. Free entry and organized in partnership with the Club des Juristes, the conference-debate will include several speakers: Nathalie Conrad, magistrate at the local court of Saint-Martin, the colonel of the gendarmerie, Maxime Wintzer-Wehekind, Harry Christophe, vice-rector , Maître Marion Tillard, lawyer at the bar of Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy, Nicolas Didier, gendarme working at the Maison de la Protection des Familles, and Olivier Canale-Fatou, director of the France Victimes 978 association. _VX


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