EDUCATION: The Voca'Pel competition at Soualiga College has kept all its promises!


On Friday, May 26, the final of the Voca'Pel contest took place, which pitted more than 50 finalists at all levels against Soualiga College.

The objective of this internal competition at the establishment is to help students progress in spelling and vocabulary, by asking them to memorize, over the space of a school year (through three stages of pre-selection), 40 words specific and to be able to spell them by spelling them correctly and then give their definition. Each level, from the 6th to the 3rd, was assigned a list of 40 words of increasing difficulty, in connection with the objects of study of the level concerned, all disciplines combined. Exceptional nuggets were revealed during this final and it was not uncommon for the jury, the supporters and the spectators to be amazed or even amazed by the level of certain students.

The next generation is there despite all the prejudices that it is possible to hear about the general decline in the overall level of students.

At the end of the morning, during the award ceremony, a diploma for the participants, the finalists and the winners was given to all the competitors as well as prizes according to their ranking in the competition.

Ms. Sanchez would like to thank all those who have contributed directly or indirectly to the realization of this project.

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