EDUCATION: The health protocol to follow in schools


In the Council of Ministers on Wednesday morning, the Ministers of Education and Health presented the health protocol for re-entry into schools and schools and the organization of vaccination. “The preparatory work for the start of the new school year was guided by the following objectives: giving priority to classroom teaching for the success and well-being of all students; limit class closures and make hybridization a solution of last resort; limit the circulation of the virus in schools as much as possible and ensure the safety of students and staff; encourage the vaccination of 12 years and over, ”they said.

This health protocol has four levels, based on the lessons learned from the management of the health crisis during the past school year, as well as on updated prescriptions. Depending on the evolution of the health situation, the passage from one level to another may be triggered at the national or territorial level.

As a reminder, access to schools and educational establishments is not conditioned, whatever the level of protocol in force, on presentation of the “health pass”.

In particular, it has been noted that as soon as a first case of covid-19 appears in a class in the 1st degree, the whole class will be closed for 7 days; in the 2nd degree, a fine contact-tracing will be organized which will mobilize the establishments, the school health services and the primary health insurance funds. In the event of contamination, students who have been in contact with a confirmed case without protective measures - such as wearing a mask - and who are not vaccinated or immunized, will follow distance education for 7 days. The other students continue to teach in class.

Specific vaccination campaigns in middle and high schools will also be organized.

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