EDUCATION: CM2 students from the Elie Gibs school in “aquatic ease” mode!


As part of the national programs “aquatic ease” in cycle 2 and “knowing how to swim” in cycle 3, CM2 students from the Elie Gibs elementary school in Grand-Case, accompanied by their teachers and under the watchful eye of the teacher swimmer and the swimming supervisor, were the first for this new school year to take the plunge.

The school's other classes, as well as the "grown-ups" in kindergarten, will be scheduled soon.

Thanks to the efficiency of the Community, many classes will then be able to be transported from next December to also participate in these aquatic activities. This is a national priority, and particularly in our island context.

With “aquatic ease”, a particular light is shed on the students’ first learning. The challenge is also to support the inclusion of non-swimmers in a training course with regard to the principle that it is never too early nor too late to learn to swim.

The fight against drowning and the development of aquatic comfort are State priorities in terms of prevention. A set of regulatory and educational actions has been defined so that as many students as possible learn to swim safely. The teaching of “swimming skills” and swimming takes place with a view to building the skills of physical education and sports programs throughout schooling. _AF

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