EDUCATION: Students from the Omer Arrondell school made aware of first aid measures


The “Le P’tit Secouriste” awareness campaign began in Quartier d’Orléans at the Omer Arrondell elementary school. Its purpose is to raise awareness among young people of the first aid measures which may be required to carry out on themselves, but also to reflect on the preventive actions to be implemented to avoid an accident.

The themes covered during awareness raising are: “I'm calling for help”, “I'm bleeding a lot”, “I burned myself” (with heat/with products), “I fell” (for lack of prevention of adults / through imprudence on my part).

At the end of the action, all students received a diploma and a first aid kit.

The National Education Services of the Northern Islands would like to thank the trainers, Patrick Farescour (Training Action Supervision Design), Sébastien Yeponde (PSC1 Trainer) and Fréderic Cornet (pedagogical advisor).

Other prevention actions are planned in the area's schools.

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