EDUCATION: Students from the Robert Weinum High School made aware of the preservation of the environment on the island


On the occasion of the eco-delegates' cohesion day on October 17, 2023, students from the Robert Weinum high school benefited from a day of immersion on environmental themes.

The day started with a walk on the Grandes Cayes trail with the coastal conservatory. The high school students were then guided by an agent from the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve for a visit to the mangrove nursery, the discovery of the mangroves of the Orient saltworks and the fish pond. A truly beautiful immersion in the heart of the nature reserve for the youth of Saint-Martin.

A picnic offered by the Community was shared by the students, on Galion beach in the presence of the vice-president, Bernadette Davis.

During this picnic, the TWS company explained the means implemented to manage sargassum algae, an increasingly serious natural pollution source.

It was then the turn of the RCR association to raise students' awareness of the historical heritage of Galion beach, in particular the exploitation of the salt pond for the production of salt. The students were able to observe the direct impact of Hurricane Irma (2017) with the erosion of the coastline of the mouth of the bay.

At the end of the day, the Community welcomed the students in the deliberations room, for a presentation of the activities of the Ecological Transition Department.

Energy transition, water cycle, heritage and biodiversity, urban cleanliness, management of green spaces, circular economy and waste, the topics of discussion were rich.

The vice-president, Bernadette Davis officially presented batteries collected for homes and waste sorting Memo stickers to each student.

The Community plans to distribute the sorting memos to all students in Saint-Martin.

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