EDUCATION “We are not going to create a special Irma tank or DNB”


On a visit to Saint-Martin at the end of April, the rector wanted to reassure pupils and teachers about the end-of-year diplomas: they will not be devalued.

Mostafa devoted two hours to exchange views with the members of the board of directors of the vocational high school on the start of the school year. "The objective was to take stock of their concerns, their state of mind, and the preparation for the start of the school year in terms of resources," he said.

A few weeks before the end of the year exams, the main subject covered was the patent and the baccalaureate. As these are national diplomas, there is no question for the rector to adapt them. “There isn't a diploma that would be from Saint-Martin because that would be the worst solution. It must be passed under the same conditions as at the national level. We're not going to give it away for free. We are not going to create a special Irma baccalaureate or DNB, ”he says. Before specifying: “that does not mean that we will not take a very close look at what will happen. I will mobilize the inspectors to analyze the results. And if we see that ultimately these results show that our students are lagging behind, at that time, we will have to provide an appropriate response. I suggested to the college to organize training courses this summer at the end of the holidays or at the beginning of the school year. It's the same for high school. While waiting to arrive at the bac and the certificate, I asked the establishments to provide support in college and high school to prepare the students ”. (More details on


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