EDUCATION / Resilience project: a dozen young girls participate in cohesion exercises with the gendarmes


Cohesion, self-transcendence, these were the key words for this February afternoon on the Galion beach in Saint-Martin.

A dozen young girls, aged 13 to 15, from the Sandy-Ground district, the political district of the City,  have chosen to join the resilience project, designed by Mesdames Vaglio and Lainel and funded by the Cité Educative and the Mission to Fight School Dropout (MLDS).

These young girls were able to confront their own limits but also discover the strength of the collective with the soldiers of the gendarmerie company of the Northern Islands.

On the program of these two particularly rhythmic hours, a series of workshops requiring physical commitment with military warm-up, self-defense session, stretcher, intensity course, tug of war and pushing vehicles.

"Although the gendarmes are particularly in demand from an operational point of view, it was important to me to respond to the request of the National Education", underlines Lieutenant Colonel Wintzer-Wehekind. “This youth is the future of Saint Martin. The gendarmerie cannot only be in a repressive posture. It is also necessary to help them to get out of it. These moments are important because they allow us to discover ourselves in another aspect and above all to remind these young girls that they are masters of their future and that they all have potential, despite what they may hear. “, he continues.

“We came out of this afternoon particularly confident, because behind the mask that some of them wore at the start, we found what we had come for: determined young girls, showing camaraderie, participating enthusiastically in all the activities and links which have been created", specifies the lieutenant colonel. And to conclude: “if they keep this state of mind, nothing will resist them. They must be convinced of this”.

There is no doubt that these young girls  will long remember their friendly and sporting encounter with the gendarmes. Like what with real determination and motivation, we can overturn mountains! _AF

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