EDUCATION / SPORT: The St Barth/St Martin Territorial Olympic and Sports Committee was born


The Center of Excellence and Education through Sport (CEES) recently founded the Saint-Barth/Saint-Martin Territorial Olympic and Sports Committee (CTOS SB-SM) in order to promote the creation of direct bridges between sporting disciplines and supervisory federations.

Created with the aim of optimizing existing systems and strengthening resources in a structuring approach, the CEES's mission is to enable players in the sporting world to orient themselves through local governance, to collaborate and thus improve performance. sports of the territory. By founding the Saint-Barth/Saint-Martin Territorial Olympic and Sports Committee (CTOS SB-SM), the system intends to support dialogue with the federations to obtain the grouping of disciplines into leagues or committees. Today, almost all sports associations depend on a league or committee in Guadeloupe. Among other things, this will involve, for local associations, acquiring their sporting autonomy by being linked directly to their National Federation. Furthermore, the sporting world in Saint-Martin did not maintain a direct relationship with the French Olympic movement, except that linked to the regional Olympic and sports committee of Guadeloupe (CROSGUA), hence the creation of a territorial Olympic committee and independent sportsman in the territory. Formalized during its constitutive general assembly on August 31, 2023, the CTOS SB-SM officially obtained recognition from the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) as a decentralized body on September 15. Made up of a board of directors of 15 members, the CTOS SB-SM is chaired by Alain Gros-Desormeaux, with Andy Armongon, Cécile Lucidarme, Patrick Trival and Aurélie Soucy as vice-presidents, Line Patrice-Taylor is one of them. the general secretary, with Virginie Carien as assistant secretary. Treasury will be managed by Eddy Manlius and Steve Galvani. The missions of the CTOS SB-SM will be to safeguard and develop the values ​​of Olympism, as specified in the Olympic Charter and according to the principles defined by the International Olympic Committee and the CNOSF while contributing to the defense and the growth of territorial sporting heritage. From now on, the Northern Islands, through the CTOS, will be able to become a member of the COJI and participate in the island games, while becoming a member of CACSO, the “Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization”, a regional sports confederation which oversees the Games. Central America and the Caribbean (CAC Games). These are great prospects for our Saint-Martin athletes. _VX

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