EDUCATION / A point on the start of the school year


The schedule for the start of the National Education staff has been announced by the Guadeloupe Academy while the start of the school year will not take place before September 13. Time taken to work on the implementation of the health protocol

The epidemic situation in our academic region has made it necessary to postpone the reception of students to Monday, September 13, 2021. The academic services are fully mobilized and are preparing with all the partners for the return of students to school.

Also, the reception of staff from the Academy of Guadeloupe will be in accordance with the

schedule below:

  Thursday 2 September: Meetings of supervisory staff and rectorate staff

   Friday 3 September: CHSCTA (Committee of Health, Safety and Academic Working Conditions-NDLR)

   From Monday 06 September: Meetings of school and educational establishment staff in accordance with the terms and times defined by the establishment manager. These meetings will make it possible to work on the implementation of the pedagogical continuity scenarios and to prepare the reception of the students of September 13th. The working group bringing together all the partners is continuing its work.

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