EEASM: Works to replace the sewerage network on Yellow Tail Street in Sandy-Ground


The wastewater network located on Yellow Tail Street in Sandy-Ground experiences frequent overflow problems causing nuisance to users and residents. The network and the existing discharge station are dilapidated and generate parasitic clear water infiltration during rain events.

The Water and Sanitation Establishment of Saint-Martin (EEASM) is undertaking the renewal of this network and the discharge stations in order to provide sustainable solutions for the collection of wastewater in the Sandy-Ground district. 

The first phase of work began on Monday February 21, and will run until mid-March. During this period, a portion of Yellow Tail Street will be closed to traffic and a detour will be put in place in the adjacent streets. The EASM thanks the local residents for their understanding.

A second phase of work will take place during the summer of 2022. This operation to rehabilitate the sewerage network at Sandy-Ground is financed by the European Union within the framework of the ERDF.

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