Development of the new PPRN at SXM: eight public meetings scheduled for May!


The general commission on the development of the new Plan for the Prevention of Natural Risks of Saint-Martin (PPRN) of Saint-Martin was held on Wednesday April 28 at the Hôtel de la Collectivité, in the presence of the Prefect Serge Gouteyron and its teams, auditioned by the elected representatives of the territorial council on the stakes of this work. Questioned by elected officials, the prefect detailed the process of developing the new PPRN, the final regulations of which should be adopted next August.

The public consultation will take place throughout the month of May in the districts of Saint-Martin, at the rate of 8 meetings (2 in each of the 4 districts), in order to widely inform the population about the challenges of the new PPRN and to dialogue with them. . The Collectivity will be present alongside the State for the broadest possible consultation. The local elected representatives will pay attention to this.

The new PPRN will have to integrate the reduction of the vulnerability of dwellings located on the coastline while authorizing reconstruction under certain conditions.

The construction of the new PPRN will be based on the recommendations of the Lacroix report, brought to the attention of 2017, and will also take into account the recommendations of professionals (persons skilled in the art: CAUE - Architects - Design offices) and complaints inhabitants. The objective is to deliver a protective document, as close as possible to constraints and local realities.

Two meeting sessions are scheduled from May 4 to 18, then from May 20 to June 1. The first public meeting will be held on Tuesday May 4 at 18 p.m. in the refectory of the Lycée Robert Weinum in Grand-Case. The population is invited to follow the public meetings.

  Calendar of public meetings:

1st wave of consultation in the 4 districts:

Tuesday May 4, 2021: at 18 hours  at Grand-Case Lycée Robert Weinum

Thursday May 6, 2021: at 18 p.m. at  Orleans district College Orleans district

Tuesday May 11, 2021: at 18 hours at Marigot Lycée LPO

Tuesday May 18, 2021: at 18 hours  at Sandy-Ground Ecole Jérôme Beaupère


2nd wave of consultation  in the 4 districts:

Thursday May 20, 2021: at 18 p.m. at Grand-Case Lycée Robert Weinum

Tuesday May 25, 2021: at 18 p.m. at Quartier d'Orléans College Quartier d'Orléans

Thursday May 27, 2021: at 18 p.m. at Marigot Lycée LPO

Tuesday June 1, 2021: at 18 p.m. at Sandy-Ground Ecole Jérôme Beaupère

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