Presidential election: The final results in Saint-Martin


After the 1er round, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Emmanuel Macron come out on top in Saint-Martin with 35% and  25,17% of the votes cast, i.e. 2006 and 1441 votes.

Marine Le Pen obtains 853 votes (14,9%), Eric Zemmour 638 (11,14%), Valérie Pécresse 204 votes (3,56%), Nicolas Dupont-Aignan 170 votes (2,97%), Yannick Jadot 133 votes (2,32%), Jean Lassalle 115 votes (2,01%), Anne Hidalgo 65 (1,14%), Philippe Poutou 36 votes (0,63%), Fabien Roussel 34 votes (0,59%) and Nathalie Arthaud 31 votes (0,54%).

19 people were called to vote on Saturday April 147, 9% of them turned out, ie 30,8. Among the voters, 5% cast a blank or invalid ballot (898 votes).

The second round will take place on Sunday April 24 in metropolitan France, on Saturday 23 in the West Indies.

OVERSEAS: The lowest turnout recorded in Saint Martin and Polynesia

In the first round of the presidential election, it was in Saint-Martin and in Polynesia that we voted the least with respective participation rates of 30,8% and 30,0%. Conversely, it was in Wallis and Futana and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon that we voted the most (56,7% and 55%). 

In Reunion and Saint-Barthélemy, more than half of the people registered on the electoral lists went to vote (53,6% and 51,3%). In Martinique, Guadeloupe and Mayotte, participation amounts to 44,8%, 42,7% and 40,3%, in Guyana and New Caledonia to 36,2 and 33,4%.

By geographical area, participation is highest in the Indian Ocean (52,04%) after Saint-Pierre and Miquelon (55%), then in the Antilles-Guyana (42,4%) and finally in the Pacific (32,7%).

Overall 861 people residing in the Overseas Territories went to the first round of the presidential election, ie a participation rate of 417%. The number of voters is 42,1 million.


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