EUROPEAN ELECTIONS: The National Rally wins 321 votes and the Republicans lose 417 in Saint Martin!


The Take Power list supported by Marine Le Pen came out on top in Saint-Martin with 29,56%, or 608 votes. It has the fourth best score overseas, behind Mayotte (45,56%), Polynesia (43,29%) and Réunion (31,24%). overseas (13,33% and 16,17%).

Compared to the 2014 elections, the list supported by the National Rally gained 321 votes. In 2014, the list supported at the time by the National Front had obtained 287 votes, or 16,93% of the vote. She came in second position.

In 2014, it was the UMP list that came out on top locally with 37,76% of the vote, or 640 votes. This year Union of the right and center comes in third position with 10,84% ​​of the vote, or 223 votes, it lost 417 votes. 

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