TERRITORIAL ELECTIONS: Jules Charville presented his program


After formalizing his candidacy in a restaurant in Sandy Ground last month, the leader of the Hope Party gathered his supporters at the CCISM on Sunday afternoon to present his electoral program to them. Over a hundred responded to the invitation. Jules Charville presented by alternating French and English, his policy in general then let some of his running mates from Generation Hope go into the details of the projects whose common denominator is "the success of Saint-Martin in confidence".

Jeannette Boirard, Jérémy Huot, Samuel Gumbs, Doctor Mourtada, Aline Choisy, Carenne Hughes, Agnès Alexander, Roméo Piper, Angeline Laurence and Ketty Paines followed each other in pairs to explain how Hope Party intends to ensure "equal chances of success for all our children”, put in place “public projects and policies for a healthy population”, “protect and empower the most vulnerable”, “put the citizen back at the heart of public life”, build “a Saint-Martin where life is good", guarantee "the success of men, women and the territory".

Jules Charville wants to “turn the page” of the mandate of the “president to leave” and bring “Saint-Martin into the era of maturity, success and above all confidence”.

The next step now for Hope Party is the filing of the Generation Hope list in the prefecture. Jules Charville will also participate on Wednesday March 2 in a meeting organized by Medef-Fipcom on the presentation of the economic measures of each of the candidates for the territorial elections.


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