BOTTLING (motorists fed up): Road works, traffic: how to reconcile the two?


Due to work here and there, car traffic finds itself strongly impacted every day. Of course, the work is necessary, but motorists complain, lose time and above all patience. What would be the solutions to smooth the circulation?

• The context

After the passage of Irma, it was decided by the authorities and approved by the entire population to bury the networks. This will limit damage in the event of a cyclone and visual pollution. But it comes at a cost.

If the financial cost is partly settled since subsidies are granted to carry out inter alia the burial of electric cables, the cost to pay by the users is immense in term of time since the works are carried out on the only road which connects the different neighborhoods.

• Can the work be reorganized?

The work is done during the day when people go to work, drop their children off at school, etc. Some suggest scheduling the sites at night. This poses two problems: the first in terms of noise pollution. Local residents will not accept the noise of mechanical equipment during the night. The second in financial terms. Working at night implies higher remuneration for workers (at least + 100%), therefore an increase in the amount of work. Since the Community does not have the resources to compensate for this additional cost, it would remain for the State and / or Europe to review their aid upwards. Which also seems difficult.

The works could also be scheduled when there are fewer people on the roads, that is to say on weekends.

But there again two problems: would the employees agree to work on weekends? And reducing the completion of a site to two days a week will increase its completion by several weeks.

In the end, the work can only be done on weekdays.

• What are the alternative solutions?

Reducing the number of cars seems to be one of the solutions to improve traffic flow. If it is slowed down throughout the day, it is completely blocked during peak hours.

The implementation of more efficient and effective public transport would be a measure that the COM could consider quickly since the burial of the networks must be spread over several weeks.

Citizens could also organize themselves via social networks by offering carpooling. As seen in some cities in mainland France, specific locations where the gathering would take place, could be defined.

We could also see the development of the VTC, a transport system offered by platforms like Uber, especially since applications are already created for the territory. But the VTC is not authorized on the territory by the community which has the competence of transport.

However, it would be good to take initiatives that go in the general interest of the territory.

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