EMPLOYMENT: Increase in job seekers in the French overseas departments


The number of job seekers in the overseas territories amounted to 336 in November. It drops over a year except in Reunion. On the other hand, since 630, the four DOMs have seen unemployment increase. 

On Monday, the government was pleased to see unemployment fall last November for the third consecutive month, which is an unprecedented series since the financial crisis of 2007-2008. The number of job seekers in category A (without any activity) fell by 0,9% last month, or 31.800 less than at the end of October, to settle at 3.447.000, the lowest since January 2013.

By adding categories B and C (people carrying out a reduced activity), the number of registrants at Pôle Emploi increased by 0,3%, or 15.000 additional people in one month, to 5.475.800 (5.778.000 in including the overseas departments, also up 0,3% over a month), writes Reuters.

336 job seekers in overseas France

In November 2016, the four overseas departments totaled 336 job seekers. In this overall figure, more than half of job seekers come from Reunion. _AF

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