EMPLOYMENT: The Community launches Individual Training Assistance (AIF) and Exceptional Training Assistance (AEF)


As part of its support for employment and professional integration of populations in precarious or unemployed situations, through Individual Training Assistance (AIF) and Exceptional Training Assistance ( AEF), the Community allows young and adult job seekers or employees in a precarious situation with a professional project to follow training in order to access the job market.

The post-COVID economic context and now the consequences of the war in Ukraine, continue to affect the employment of the most precarious employees overall (short contracts, temporary contracts, independent workers), the Collectivity of Saint-Martin is not an exception in a context of high structural unemployment with a rate almost five times higher than that of France.

To escape the precarious situation and increase their employability, these job seekers have chosen to follow training and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the system. Thus, the Commission for Employment, Apprenticeship, Training and Professional Integration, issued, on October 7, €78 for a total amount of individual and exceptional training aid. , validated by the executive council of October 633,25, 20. Individual training aid of a total amount of €2023 is granted to 62 trainees preparing the following training courses: CAP AEPE, BTS Optician Eyewear maker, BAFA, CQP double fitness instructor option, Sophrologist, Accounting Assistant TP, BTS Electrotechnics 344.75A and DHC-13 Series 2 Standard pilot.

These training courses, worth between €1.215 and €15.300, last between 49 hours and 2.057 hours. Exceptional training aid of a total amount of €16.288,50 is granted to 7 trainees for the educational costs of the following training courses: Freestyle & Creation, Operating License + Food Hygiene, Introduction to IT + TOSA Microsoft Word, Support VAE BTS SP3S, BAFA Base, DHC-6 Series 400 Standard pilot, Supervision, Sport, Health Specialization Pathologies and Disabilities – Complete Sessions. This aid, amounting to between €545 and €6.422, covers the trainees' educational costs.

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