EMPLOYMENT: The payroll of the COM represents 44,63 M €


The original 2021 budget was adopted unanimously on Monday by the elected representatives of the territorial council. It amounts to 200 million euros, of which 136,5 million in the operating section and 63,5 in the investment section.

The biggest expense item is personnel costs. Worth 44,63 million euros, they represent almost a quarter of the budget, a third of operating expenses.

"This expense item has been under control since our term of office since in 2017 the payroll amounted to € 44,1 million", comments the president of the Collectivity. However, they increased by 5,4% compared to 2020. "This is explained by the adjustment of the careers of the agents and of recruitment in particular of the executives A, within the framework of the rise in power of the COM", justified Marie-Dominique Ramphort, regional advisor in charge of financial and fiscal affairs. (soualigapost.com)


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