Employment, Sandy-Ground, Orléans district: the prefect announces to elected officials the actions he has decided to put in place


The prefect had invited Monday, November 8 at 16 p.m. the 23 elected representatives of the territorial council as well as the deputy to a meeting to discuss the social situation of the territory.

Came Daniel Gibbs, Yawo Nyuiadzi, Sofia Carti, Steven Patrick, Annick Petrus, Maud Ascent-Gibbs, Raj Charbhe, Alex Pierre, Yolande Sylvestre, Pascale Laborde and Roméo Pipier (arrived late) for the elected representatives representing the majority of the territorial council, as well as Louis Mussington, Jules Charville and Bernadette Davis for the elected representatives of the opposition. Note that Annick Petrus was on videoconference from the Senate in Paris and Steven Patrick also because he was blocked in Quartier d'Orléans.

Believing that "the context is not up to the challenges of the territory" and that "some people who have legitimacy only from the street arrogate to themselves powers that they do not have", the prefect wished summon elected officials to discuss it. "Strength must remain in democracy, its representation, in the rule of law", he recalled before reading a message from a user of social networks asking him to intervene.

“Mr. Prefect, recess is over, it's time to clean up in the broad sense of the term. Oyster Pond has been confined for five days without a school. We were there for Irma, we were reduced to the time of the Cro-Magnons, then yellow vests, riots, strikes, the Covid and its consequences, that's enough. It is time for you to take your responsibilities and get out of this situation, it will end badly (…) ”. To elected officials, Serge Gouteyron confided that, if he could not be satisfied with the use of certain words, "enough is enough [for him]." And to be convinced that a "vast majority" of the population agrees to say "that is enough".

The prefect also reminded elected officials that he had received several times the collective or "those who ask that it receive them, without the legitimacy of the vote", specifying "with the correct correction while some did not even remove their cap in front of the representative of the State, not even their cap ”. To elected officials who thought that Serge Gouteyron had lacked respect to the members of the collective, he returned the remark to them: “where is the contempt? Where is the lack of consideration? ".

Then the prefect shared the recent measures he had taken to improve the situation. He thus decided to strengthen the working group in Quartier d'Orléans with representatives of the district on city policy. "We must improve and strengthen the presence of the State and public services in the Quartier d'Orléans," he acknowledged. He thus announced the imminent return of the gendarmerie to Quartier d'Orléans.

He also announced the creation of a working group on Sandy Ground with elected officials, neighborhood representatives “and all the goodwill” “to work on the state roadmap” on city policy.

In addition, Serge Gouteyron confided "to have pushed a shouting" Monday morning during a meeting with the public employment services because "he was not satisfied with the way they worked in the field of employment" . He announced that he asked to have a full monthly update of the labor market situation and actions for the benefit of young people from Quartier d'Orléans and Sandy Ground. He repeated "his commitment" to elected officials "to report on the action of the State, supporting figures".

Finally in response to those who commented that the prefect did not like this island, he denied it. "I maintain: I love this island."

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