One more month to compete at Calend'Art


This great drawing competition invites all children aged 6 to 16 from primary and secondary schools in the overseas territories to take part in this fun competition by sending in their most beautiful drawing or painting on the theme of overseas wetlands.

For 6th consecutive year, the Tropical Wetlands Relay Pole, co-managed by the French Committee of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Conservatoire du littoral, is therefore launching a new edition of its "Calend" for 2023. art” and the deadline for submission (by email) is postponed to 1er November 2022. Budding artists have only one goal: to be creative around the theme of wetlands, which are rich and diversified ecosystems: lagoon, saline, mangrove, pond, river, pond, lake, swamp, marsh, swamp forest. The competition is open to all overseas territories, namely Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Barthélemy, Guyana, Mayotte, Reunion, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia and of course, Saint-Martin. Children aged 6 to 16 are invited to sharpen their pencils and take out their brushes to draw a work that may appear in the next Calend'Art, a tool to raise public awareness of the conservation and protection of overseas wetlands. . In addition to the drawings of the big winners, it will contain a lot of information and anecdotes about wetlands. Families, schools, associations, the call is launched. The Pôle-Relais Zones Humides Tropicales, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, aims to work on all the overseas tropical wetlands which play a vital role in the survival of many animal and plant species depend. It is sad to see that these ecosystems continue to degrade rapidly and that the species that inhabit them are disappearing at such a rapid pace due to numerous external pressures such as pollution, climate change, urbanization or even invasive species. The Calend'Art competition is an educational and artistic way to discover and celebrate the richness and importance of ultramarine ecosystems. And the initiative still meets with real success with more than 300 drawings submitted to the jury. To try your luck to have your drawing in the next Calend'Art, send by email (see Info) the work in color, A4 landscape format with the full name and age of the little artist on the back, as well as his address , the title of the drawing and an email address. The most productive can submit several drawings. 14 winners will be selected to represent the 12 months of the year, the cover and back design of the calendar which will be distributed throughout the French overseas territories. Great recognition for a great environmental cause. _VX

 Info: scanned drawing to send to or 06 90 20 18 75

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