Entrepreneurship: Road to Business, a forum dedicated to project leaders


Supported by the CCISM, the Collectivity and Initiative Saint-Martin Active, the Road to Business forum will take place on November 7, from 17 p.m. to 30 p.m., on the ground floor of the West Indies in Marigot. The forum, which is free to enter, is dedicated to entrepreneurship, whether for project leaders, already seasoned entrepreneurs, or associations.

"The idea is to give, in one and the same place, as much information as possible to people, whether in relation to everything institutional or banks for possible financing in the territory ...", specifies Sabrina Rivère , director of the Initiative Saint-Martin Active (ISMA) platform. BPI, CDC, Banque des Territoires, Pôle Fiscal, Pôle FSE, Pôle Urbanisme and Pôle Economique de la Collectivité, the order of chartered accountants, notaries, lawyers, CCISM, Pôle Emploi, in particular, will participate in this event.

The idea is to create an entrepreneur's journey, with all the interlocutors, which will allow him to have all the information, "without having to struggle for too long going from one place to another. This allows him to have immediate information and to avoid a journey where he is a bit lost, ”considers Sabrina Rivère.

Registrations are going well and "people are interested in having this kind of information," says the director of ISMA. The latter believes that partnerships must be very close together, because "we must understand that the more we hold hands, the more we will manage to change things at the same time". The goal is to show that everyone is consistent and wants to move forward, to provide information that is effective for project leaders and job creators.

A source of information which will also be open to all associations, because Sabrina Rivère ensures that they can also be bearers of projects. "The Pôle Emploi, the banks, etc., can provide information, because there is an economic fabric around associations, which is very dense in Saint-Martin, and their work must be valued."

Workshops will be offered to visitors, including a workshop led by the Banque des Territoires dedicated to large-scale projects on possible financing in Saint-Martin. Another workshop, led by ISMA, will deal with financing for the smallest structures and what are the levers to benefit from it, when there is a need to create a business, or in a business growth event._RM

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