COMPANY: 4th edition of the "I love my business" competition


Since 2020, the CCISM, driven by its mission to animate the economic fabric, has offered the "I Love My Business" competition. To mark Valentine's Day 2023, the CCISM is reinventing the "I Love My Business" contest on the occasion of its 4rd edition which takes place from February 6 to 14.

Today, to stand out from the competition and succeed in emerging in an ultra-competitive environment, a company must pay particular attention to the customer experience. This 4th edition aims to promote businesses during the Valentine's Day period, to stimulate passionate entrepreneurs to value the customer experience and above all to boost the local economy.

This is why, for the 4th edition of “I Love My Business”, the CCISM has guided the competition by placing customers at the heart of the experience. This year, even more so, it is the customer who will proclaim his favorite company and will try to win a prize.

“Without customers a business cannot be viable. We also wanted to capitalize on a triple action for this 2023 edition by highlighting our entrepreneurs but also by encouraging them to optimize their customer experience and finally by thanking customers for remaining faithful to local consumption" explains Luciana Raspail, Head of Support for CCISM companies.


To participate and try to win a prize, the customer participant must go to the CCISM website and declare his love for his favorite company by filling out a simple online form. 2 criteria will be valued:

• the product or service offered

• the personal experience valued as a customer


The statements of the client participants will then be evaluated by a jury chosen by the CCISM. The company that has received the best declaration will be de facto selected.

To close the competition, the results will be announced at the end of February on our website.


• The client participant will have the opportunity to win an unforgettable gastronomic experience, with a dinner for two offered at a value of €90.

• The company that has received the most beautiful declaration of love will win training in line with its field of activity, worth €1090.

The rules are available bon

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