Environment: Action in favor of the conservation of sea turtles


For two weeks, the Aquasearch team was in Saint-Martin as part of a mission to monitor the impact of human activity on sea turtles.

This mission took place within the framework of the conservation actions carried out by the Natural Reserve of Saint-Martin in favor of the conservation of sea turtles, with the participation of the Marine Turtles Network of Guadeloupe. For two weeks, Aquasearch specialists worked on characterizing, at two feeding sites, the interactions between users and sea turtles. They also contributed to updating the cartography of the underwater habitats which are essential for these protected species, within the Natural Reserve of Saint-Martin.

These actions are part of the “Acting for sea turtles of Saint-Martin” project. This project is supported by the Natural Reserve of Saint-Martin, and funded by the French Agency for Biodiversity (AFD) and the Department of Environment, Planning and Housing (DEAL), and with equity. _RM

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