ENVIRONMENT (SPAW 2023 Workshop) / Bernadette Davis: “strengthen Caribbean cooperation to sustainably protect our biodiversity”


Firstth vice-president, Bernadette Davis, the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve represented by Clément Bonnardel, and the Nature Foundation of Sint Maarten, represented by Delhon Hewitt were present at the SPAW 2023 (Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife) workshop on Areas and Protected Wildlife, which was held in Santo Domingo on October 12, within the framework of the Cartagena Convention.

This event brought together managers of protected areas registered with SPAW from across the Caribbean. The objective of these regional exchanges is to work together to protect the environment, protected areas and wildlife in the Caribbean.

Among the objectives set during the workshop:

1- The creation of a network: The territories undertake to make proposals in favor of the creation of a network of SPAW protected areas. As B. Davis points out, “It is through cooperation and increased collaboration that territories can better understand the needs identified by protected area managers and thus sustainably improve the conservation effort of these areas. ".

2- The definition of a common vision: The participants decided to work on a joint strategic vision which consists of developing an institutional structure governing this partnership and setting objectives through actions in the short and medium term.

3- Knowledge sharing: The first technical session focused on the central topic of management plans, an essential element of protecting Caribbean biodiversity.

4- Promote inter-territory collaboration: This aspect is crucial for the proper functioning of this partnership. This allows protected area managers to exchange regularly, share valuable information and consider future collaborations.

5- Involvement of partners: The active involvement of key partners in the system is essential as part of the commitment to protecting the natural resources of the Caribbean.

“By joining forces, we have the power to take concrete action and create a real impact on the environment,” says Bernadette Davis. During her speech, the vice-president insisted on the environmental challenges that the Caribbean is facing today, in particular Saint Martin which must both protect its natural terrestrial spaces while protecting maritime spaces such as ponds. salted, Saint-Martin historical heritage, currently threatened. These unique ecosystems, numbering 16 on our territory, are indeed endowed with exceptional biodiversity. The latter is threatened by human activity and global warming.

In order to effectively protect these spaces, the Community of Saint-Martin has committed to creating by 2024 an ad hoc commission dedicated to the protection of ponds. The institution systematically collaborates with local associations in its field actions, with the aim of involving the public and bringing it to a necessary and urgent collective awareness.

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