Environment: Discovery of illegally constructed toilets at Mullet Bay


After  the discovery of toilets illegally built on Mullet beach, the Sint Maarten Nature Foundation appealed to the authorities on the Dutch side to take seriously the management of public beaches and their access.  

“We were more than surprised when we saw that someone had built a toilet on the beach in Mullet Bay. They consist of a wooden structure, a real toilet and a plumbing system that directs the excrement directly onto the beach. We are very surprised that the government has not responded to this. Especially considering that a complaint was filed by both beach users and the managers of the beach bar in Mullet Bay. We have sent the information to the VROMI inspection service and hope that the structure can be removed immediately ”comments the director of the Nature Foundation, Tadzio Bervoets. The Nature Foundation calls for a structured management plan for the beaches of Sint Maarten, protecting and sustainably managing the resources in order to increase and support the economic recovery of Sint Maarten.

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