ENVIRONMENT / Wild garbage dumps: who should reprimand? (1/2)


Regularly dismayed Internet users post photos of waste abandoned in nature. The day before yesterday, photos taken at Orient Bay regarding the construction of the new carbets and the old hotel were published. Part of the waste from construction sites (bag of cement, sheaths, etc.)

The COM and the Reserve are often singled out for not picking up the waste and cleaning up the sites. Who is responsible ? What the law says ?

• Who is in charge of waste management?

The environment is a very broad competence which is the responsibility of the State. However, certain aspects such as water, sanitation, or waste have been transferred to communities. In Saint-Martin, it is the responsibility of the COM to collect and manage waste on its territory. Household and bulky waste is collected by private companies on behalf of the COM.

The eco-site where the waste is deposited and recovered belongs to the COM, which has entrusted the management to the company Verde SXM.

• What are the penalties for non-compliance with the deposit of its waste?

The deposit of its waste in places not provided for by the COM is punishable.

If a person deposits waste in a public or private place without transporting it by vehicle, he incurs a second class ticket (150 euros maximum).

If the waste has been transported by vehicle or if it is a car wreck, the fine is fifth class (1 euros maximum or 500 euros in the event of a repeat offense).

The confiscation of the vehicle used to transport the waste can be confiscated.

If the waste has always been deposited in a public or private place, by people other than a household, either by a company or a professional, it incurs up to two years in prison and a fine of 75 euros.

• Who should suppress prohibited deposits of waste ?

According to the general code of local authoritiesthe, the territorial police of the COM has the mission of ensuring good order, safety, security and public health.

Officers therefore have the power to suppress deposits, spills, droppings or objects likely to harm in any way whatsoever, the safety or convenience of the passage or the cleanliness of the tracks. Two officers from the environment brigade are also empowered to take minutes.

The prefect can also intervene if the president does not act. However, it can only do so if the lack of action by the president constitutes a danger.

The Nature Reserve has the power to sanction deposits on the land it manages.

(To be continued tomorrow: who is reprimandable? Source: soualigapost.com)

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