Environment: The construction of two photovoltaic power plants in project in Saint-Martin


The EDF Renouvelables group is supporting the project to build two photovoltaic power plants in Saint-Martin, precisely at the place called “Les Deux Frères” between Quartier d'Orléans and Oyster Pond, 150 meters from the border.

"The scope of the operation is partly in the footsteps of the exploitation of a working quarry until 2011," says EDF. The total power will be "5MWp which will power around 3 inhabitants and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 250 tonnes / year".

If it is a global project, technically, it includes two power plants on the same site, one in the west on 4,1 hectares, the other in the east on 3,2 hectares, i.e. the Deux Frères 1 power plant and the Deux Frères 2 power plant. Two building permits have been submitted to the community. Note that the land parcel belongs to a private owner and that it will be rented in the form of a long-term lease.

According to the regulations, the regional environmental authority mission was approached at the start of the year for an opinion. After analyzing the file, the authority "recommends mainly to focus on the presence of protected species and respect for ecological continuity and to draw the consequences in particular in terms of compensation for the impacts".

It also "drew the attention of the contracting authorities to the need to complete the dossier by presenting visual impacts from different points of view, in particular the Quartier Orléans".

As the regulations also require, a public inquiry must be organized. It will take place from Monday September 23 to Wednesday October 23 in Saint-Martin.

The cost of the project is estimated at 6 million euros (Source Soualigapost.com)

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