Environment: The Clean Saint-Martin Association always operational when needed!


The Clean Saint-Martin Association recently organized a new voluntary cleaning action, more precisely at the Whale Observatory (road leading to Oyster Pond). One thing is certain, the volunteers of the association have not been idle!

Throughout the morning, a lot of small waste was collected: caps, cigarette butts, bottles, bits of plastic and fishing nets ...

As a reminder, let's not forget that this little waste has as much impact on nature as the big one, or even more!

A cigarette butt pollutes up to 500 liters of water because of all the chemical components it contains, and takes more than 2 years to completely decompose.

A plastic bottle cap crumbles after about fifty years!

And before disappearing, it breaks down into microparticles, which can be easily ingested by the elements that make up the food chain, to be traced back to us ...

By the way!

Hats off once again to all the volunteer members of the Clean Saint-Martin Association who do not hesitate to devote their personal time to protecting the environment. Well done ! _AF


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