ENVIRONMENT: The Clean St Martin association receives a donation of €1.600 from Super U


Last Wednesday, the management of Super U presented a check for €1.600 to the Clean St Martin association. This amount represents donations made by customers of the two stores via B-Bot recycling machines as part of the “crushed plastic bottles” operation.

It's been more than a year since the two B-Bot machines developed by Green Big were installed at the entrance to Super U stores in Hope Estate and Howell Center, allowing customers to recycle their plastic bottles. These are crushed by the machine and the flakes collected are sent to mainland France to a recycler who will manufacture the preforms necessary for the manufacture of U brand fruit juice bottles by the supplier Refresco. Thanks to the partnership between Super U and the Clean St Martin association which began in April 2022 until December of the same year, €1050 in donations were allocated to the association by Hope Estate customers and €550 to Howell Center. In one year, no less than a million bottles have passed through the two machines on the island, knowing that a record was reached in October 2022 on the Hope Estate machine, making this Super U the store that collected the most bottles in the whole of France, including mainland France and overseas territories. The 1.600€ of donations will be used to invest in equipment for children (gloves for cleaning operations) as well as communication equipment to increase the visibility of the association as well as the acquisition of ecocups (reusable cups) to lend to associations in the area who would like to no longer use disposable plastic cups during their events. The Clean St Martin association would like to thank all those who have chosen to tick the "Make a donation" option on the B-bot machines: "We hope that this will reinforce Super U customers in their good action, that it will encourage them to bring their bottles and make donations to a local association that works for the well-being of the island," says Audrey Barbes of the Clean St Martin association, accompanied by Sébastien Terrien. Thanks were also directed to Jean-François Rabiller, director of the two Super U stores, for having initiated this partnership: “it was a logical choice given the environmental impact of the association”._VX

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