ENVIRONMENT: The “Protecting the Ocean can be learned” tour with a stopover in Saint-Martin


After five editions on the Atlantic coast, the Mediterranean coast, in Occitanie, in Corsica and along the Garonne, the expedition led by the association of explorer Patrick Deixonne, 7th Continent, and Citeo, a company with a mission created to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and paper, is heading to the Overseas Territories for the first time.

This 10-stop tour started on March 1 and runs until May 7, 2023, the expedition will end in Saint-Martin on May 6 and 7. Aboard a sailboat, the crew has already made a successful stopover in French Guiana and Martinique and continues on a journey to Guadeloupe with the aim of raising awareness among children and adults of the scourge of waste, of which 80% of the plastics found in the oceans come from land. Hundreds of people came to meet the team at each stage of the program. The educational tour in the overseas territories aims to highlight the importance of preserving the seas and oceans while educating young and old in eco-responsible actions such as sorting waste. On May 6 and 7, 2023, the 7th Continent and Citeo team will welcome children and adults to follow awareness-raising workshops and biodiversity protection activities such as the observation of microparticles recovered during the association's expeditions. . At each stopover, many school visits are organized by the team, offering adapted activities using Club Citeo's tools and educational programs. A child & family area will be available with videos and fun-educational activities such as coloring, games and comics.

The protection of marine biodiversity and the environment is learned from an early age, as is the fight against abandoned waste. See you on May 6 and 7 in Marigot. _VX

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