ENVIRONMENT: Discovery morning at Galion this Saturday with the Nature Reserve


The Management Association of the National Nature Reserve of Saint-Martin, within the framework of the European LIFE BIODIV'OM program led by Aude Berger, exposes, informs and mobilizes citizens for actions in favor of marine biodiversity and groupers in particular , giant groupers and Nassau groupers from Saint-Martin. It will welcome a family audience at the Galion beach, this Saturday, March 25, 2023 from 9 a.m. to noon: awareness of the participative network “Les yeux des mérous”, plantations of mangroves and activities for all. 

In decline in the region for several decades, populations of goliath grouper and Nassau grouper are in danger. However, they have a fundamental role for biodiversity, as a top predator within the food chain, but also in economic and social life, through their consumption in a family setting or in restaurants, and as a resource. economical for tourist activities such as scuba diving. This is why the LIFE BIODIV'OM program, funded by the European Union, the French Office for Biodiversity and the Ministry in charge of the Environment, focuses its actions on these two emblematic species in Saint-Martin. The Saint-Martin Nature Reserve Management Association is one of the five beneficiaries of the European program for the preservation of biodiversity overseas called LIFE BIODIV'OM, coordinated at national level by the League for the Protection of birds. The white-throated thrasher in Martinique, the savannas and the giant grouper in Guyana, the tuit-tuit in Reunion and the white crabeater in Mayotte are also concerned by this program. This morning of animation will allow you to discover the actions undertaken on the territory of Saint-Martin and how to contribute to the safeguarding of the populations of groupers and their essential habitats, such as the mangrove. This Saturday, March 25, from 9 a.m. to noon, various activities will be offered: conference to learn all about groupers and how to protect them, the participative network “The eyes of the groupers”, action “make a donation and plant a mangrove tree”, stand “ virtually dive into the waters of the Nature Reserve” (virtual reality helmets), hiking for bird watching and “treasure hunt and adventurers' bingo” stand for children. This event is co-organized with two students from the Academy of Trades, as part of a vocational baccalaureate project, thanks to exceptional funding from the European Union (LIFE Program), the French State and the French Office for Biodiversity. _VX

Info: +590 690 470 213 ou  reservenat.aude@yahoo.com 


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