ENVIRONMENT: First assessment of the 2023 hurricane season


During the press conference announcing the resilience village, prefect Vincent Berton took stock of this year's hurricane season, considered particularly active.

The 2023 hurricane season started quite early with the first waves in May and the appearance of storm Arlene, as a symbol on June 1, 2023. As everyone has noticed, it is an active season where the temperature of the sea was very warm and allowed the waves coming out of Africa to organize themselves. The El Ninō phenomenon was not as protective and effective as announced at the start of the season, taking effect late. The most important cyclone was LEE, it reached the category 5 stage. Other phenomena marked the season, notably Franklin in category 4 which passed over Bermuda, Idalia in category 3 which passed over Florida. The position of the Azores anticyclone was particularly favorable to Saint-Martin by allowing meteorological phenomena to branch off towards the north without having too much impact on our territories. According to the prefecture's services, we were only concerned by Philippe and the indirect effects of Lee which generated an energetic cyclonic swell. As long as it lasts... The hurricane season will end on November 30, 2023. _VX

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