Environment: Meeting with Gwad'Air: acting to improve air quality


First Vice-President Alain Richardson received, on Tuesday July 5, Yasmine Morice, deputy head of the air quality observatory, Gwad'Air. The issues relating to the air quality of Saint-Martin and the possible solutions were discussed, in the presence of the team from the Department of the Environment of the Community. 

The Collectivity of Saint-Martin wishes to develop a network for monitoring H2S and NH3 emissions (harmful gases emitted during the decomposition of Sargassum algae) and also to strengthen the monitoring of air quality in Saint-Martin via air quality measurement campaigns. 

Gwad'Air, whose mission is to monitor air quality in our territories and measure the exposure of populations to atmospheric pollution, is an essential partner. 

As part of the Caribbean program SARGCOOP, it is planned to install 3 sensors in areas impacted by Sargassum algae. Air quality mapping will then be carried out in collaboration with Gwad'Air. 

Vice-president Alain Richardson encouraged the management of the Environment of the Community to continue this project at the service of citizens.

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